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Alien Magic - Clear View | Luxury Screen Wash 1:100 Concentrate 50ml

Clear View - 50ml Sample

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Super High Quality Screen Wash / 1:100 Hyper Concentrate 50ml makes 5L / Smear Free Finish

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Why Clear View?

Our hyper Concentrated screen wash easily removes grease, insects, oil and dirt leaving a smear-free finish. Clear View screen wash is also ideal for use with high quality XENON or LED headlamps and is suitable for fan jet nozzles.

The extreme concentration of this formula is outstanding providing a ratio of 1:100 which means this 50ml bottle will make 5 Litres of ready to use screenwash.

A rich, high quality formula which will leave windscreens and headlamps slick and clean and smelling of a sweet apple fragrance.

Key Benefits

  • Rich, high quality formula which leaves a slick and clean finish
  • Amazingly concentrated giving outstanding dilution
  • Easily removes grease, insects, oild and dirt
  • Smear-free finish
  • Sweet apple fragrance

Car Care Advice

Screenwash keeps windscreens looking and feeling clean, diluted with water to make an effective screenwash fluid its dispensed from the washer jets and spread across the windscreen cleaning away any contaminants which may impair your view of the road ahead.

Direction For Use

  • 250ml of our concentrate provides 25 litres of ready to use screenwash
  • Mix before filling the screenwash washer bottle in your vehicle
  • Store the remaining in a cool, dry place

Additional Information

Size 50ml
EAN 5060538251102