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Alien Magic - Metal PRO | All Metal Nano Coat Sealant 200ml

Metal PRO

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All Metal Sealant - 200ml

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Why Metal PRO?

The advanced Ceramic Nano-particle formula in Metal Pro bonds and activates in contact with metal providing a barrier against dirt, grime, road debris, oxidation, tarnishing and water spots. Dirt remains on the surface, unable to penetrate it thanks to the invisible and highly hydrophobic barrier it lies on.

Ideal for all unprotected metal surfaces including polished chrome, copper, aluminium and stainless steel. Liquid will literally bead up and roll off as it is repelled by Metal Pro, protect all your metal parts easily.

Correctly applied Metal parts will stay protected for upwards of 6 months at a time, Metal Pro imparts extreme water repellent behaviour. Metal Pro resists everyday soiling and rejects staining, meaning treated surfaces stay cleaner and fresher looking for longer.

Key Benefits

  • Ceramic Nano-particle formula with extreme hydrophobic properties
  • Bonds to metal creating a secure barrier against contamination
  • Truly versatile, Metal Pro protects all your metal parts
  • Protects against oxidation and tarnishing
  • 6 months plus protection from a single application
  • Keep your metal looking fresher for longer

Car Care Advice

Metal coatings provide an essential barrier to protect your precious metal parts from dirt, grime, road debris, oxidation, tarnishing and water spots.

Direction For Use

  • Ensure the metal has been cleaned prior to application
  • Metal PRO should be applied out of direct sunlight
  • We advise using Prep Pro or an equivalent residue remover prior to application of Metal Pro
  • Maximum working area 40cm x 40cm at a time
  • Spray directly onto the surface and buff off remaining residue
  • Curing time of 45mins is required
  • Apply a 2nd coat for maximum effect
  • Leave to cure for 3 hours to achieve its full properties

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