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Alien Magic - Nano Magic | New Car Advanced Nano Protection Sealant KIT

Nano Magic

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New Car Advanced Nano Protection Sealant KIT

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Alien Magic Nano Seal PRO is based on Advanced Nano Technology using unique blend of PTFE and Acrylic Resins containing UV screen to provide unrivalled protection leaving a extremely Deep Gloss Shine with virtually impenetrable protective barrier for all todays modern paint finishes. Nano Seal Pro will protect you cars paint against weather induced fading, damaging acid rain, oxidization, loss of lustre and UV rays. This extremely durable protective layer is completely invisible to the naked eye giving the vehicle impenetrable transparent barrier for up to 5 Years.

Tested to extremes: Alien Magic Nano Seal PRO has undergone the most rigorous of development regimes to ensure suitability for use in the harshest of climates and environments.

Nano Seal PRO has been stringently tested by experts from the Institute for Chemistry in Industry and has proven to significantly protect the treated paint surface from weathering and extend its lifetime.



Test run comprises of 4,000 HOURS continuous cycle of:

4 hours of U/V, followed by 4 hours condensation, 4 hours of U/V etc.


Successful completion of 4,000 hours @ 60°C.

(4,000 hours is theoretically equivalent to 20 years exposure)

*QUV is a Weatherometer.

Bottle size: 200ml
One 200ml bottle is more than enough to seal a large vehicle including all four alloy wheels.

KIT Includes - 200ml Nano Seal, 250ml Prep Pro Panel Wipe, 2 Super Plush Buffing Cloths, 2 Super Soft Microfibre Cloths, 1 Large Cotton Applicator

Additional Information

Size 200ml + 250ml
EAN 5060538251652