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Alien Magic - Venom | Acid Based Alloy Wheel Cleaner / Low Odour 5l

Venom - 5L

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Acid Based Alloy Wheel Cleaner / Low Odour

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Why Venom?

Are you looking for a powerful wheel cleaner that quickly and effectively removes baked on brake dust?

Venom is a specially formulated acid based cleaner with added wetting agents which helps lift the dirt removing oxide, burnt on brake dust and road film from your cars wheels leaving a sparklingly clean finish.

Venom wheel cleaner cleans and brightens wheels without excessive scrubbing, this heavy duty product can be safely used on most wheel types inc: Alloy wheels, Steel Rims and plastic wheel trims. Low odour formula.

Key Benefits

  • Quickly and effectively removes ground in brake dust
  • Removes Oxide, burnt on brake dust and road film
  • Leaves a sparklingly clean finish
  • Safe to use on alloys or steel wheels as plastic wheel trims
  • Low Odour

Car Care Advice

There is a thin line between effective cleaning and dangerous to use products; Venom provides cleaning and safety in one product.

Direction For Use

  • Rinse wheels before application
  • Clean, agitate and rinse 1 wheel at a time
  • Spray directly onto the wheels
  • Agitate with a wheel brush or wash mitt
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Do not allow the product to remain on wheels for more than 30 seconds

Additional Information

Size 5L
SKU AM116-5L
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