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Iron Fallout Remover

Alien Magic Iron Fallout Remover quicky and effectively removes stubborn iron particles upon contact with contaminated surfaces. pH Neutral Wrath turns iron fallout contamination purple due to chemical reaction. Wrath's pH neutral formula is safe to use on wheels, glass, paintwork and trim.

What is a fallout remover?

Alien Magic fallout remover is a car detailing product designated for decontamination ( removal ) of iron particles from surfaces. Due to chemical reaction, these iron particles are detached from contaminated surfaces and can be rinsed off safely. Alien Magic range of fallout removers includes 250ml, 500ml and 5 litre bottles.

What is iron fallout contamination?

Fallout, simply speaking are iron particles contaminating surfaces such as wheels & paintwork. They usually come from brake dust, air etc. Iron particles are very sharp and uneven. They can easily damage the surface they attach to and stick to it, making them very difficult to remove using regular products.

Alien Magic pH Neutral fallout remover is the safest way to remove them, not damaging contaminating surface in the process.

Why should fallout be removed?

Since fallout is made of iron particles, these are very sharp-edged. Every time you wash contaminated surface they are being dragged over it, scratching it and making swirls and other imperfections. Removing them with Alien Magic pH Neutral fallout remover - Wrath, will not only minimize the risk of further damages to the surface in the future, but also clean it & improve it visually. Removing iron fallout is an important step in the car wash routine especially when you use products that needs to be rubbed in, such as waxes and polishes.

Decontaminating the surface with Alien Magic iron fallout remover before applying car wax or polish not only will minimize the risk of swirls, it will also reassure a proper bond.